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RON HUME 360 Youth Services

360 Youth Services has been serving the greater Naperville area since 1971, helping to provide life changing services to youth through prevention education, counseling and shelter. Children are, indeed, our future, and 360 Youth Services helps them gain all the tools they need to build that future for all of us. Luckily, for these youth and their families, Ron Hume is in charge. I am privileged to call Ron a friend of mine. Read on to learn about this kind, positive man who leads by example and gives so much to our community.

Ron currently serves as the Executive Director of 360 Youth Services. He holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology and was initially trained and practiced as a psychotherapist. His professional experience includes youth services, mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice and special education. Ron was the founding Executive Director of the Community Youth Network (Lake County, IL) and has previously served as the Executive Director of the Learning Disabilities Association of Washington State and of the Cove School (Northbrook, IL). On the personal side Ron brings a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and humor to his life and his work. In his free time he enjoys exercise and is an avid photographer.

Ron is honored to serve as the Executive Director of 360 Youth Services (formerly NCO Youth & Family Services). He comments that “Naperville is really a small town in disguise as a large community. The people living and working here truly care about each other and about this community. Folks in Naperville realize that in order to make this the kind of community you want to live and raise a family in everyone needs to participate in that process, and they do.”


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