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Having arrived in Naperville to begin my new life with my three small children it occurred to me I wasn’t even sure what was north, south, east and west. I ventured out aimlessly to find a publication that might enlighten me in navigating Naperville. One did not exist. After years of living and laughing in Naperville I published my own.

This website is an extension of that book, Live and Laugh in Naperville, A Guide to Life and Fun Times. This site is a place that provides insightful and useful information that you can easily use. From happenings about town, to community spotlights, virtual values and any and all questions that need to be asked and answered.

Longtime business partners and friends, Elizabeth Gretz (that would be me), and Robbie Balan put forth their best effort (with a little/lot of help from Elizabeth’s mother Judith) to bring you this whimsical, clever, informative site that we hope you, too, will consider ‘home.’

There is so much to know and so many things to do, people to meet and places to go and as we all know sometimes ‘life gets in the way.’ Hopefully, appreciatively, you will allow us to help you to save some time to truly enjoy living and laughing in Naperville.

We’d love to hear from you and have you follow us on Facebook. See you here and there and about town.

Elizabeth and Robbie

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